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“I have forged a track record of success during my time as your DeKalb County District 1 Commissioner.”

As promised, I have delivered positive economic development in DeKalb by bringing jobs, expanding housing options for our residents and helping businesses both large and small navigate the permitting process. By working with my fellow Commissioners we created a multimillion dollar small business loan fund.

As your Commissioner, I kept my word to dedicating resources to protect and enhance our neighborhoods by paving roads, repairing sidewalks, expanding trails where desired and providing resources for our local libraries such as mobile hotspots.

I’m excited about what we have accomplished together and want to expand on that over next four years. The election will be held May 21, 2024 and I need your continued support and looking forward to gaining new supporters. We need to meet all our campaign fundraising goals. Your most generous contribution would be much appreciated as we begin this journey together.

With Best Regards,

Commissioner Robert Patrick

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Countdown To Early Voting April 29, 2024

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With your support we will be able to positively move DeKalb County Forward.

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