Robert Patrick

Doraville lowering speeds on several key city streets

July 21, 2017

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Doraville City Councilmembers unanimously approved a reduction in the speed limit to 25 mph on three well-traveled City streets, in hopes the reduced speeds will further protect the safety of pedestrians.

Two people were killed along Tilly Mill Rd. in 2016.

Councilman Robert Patrick proposed the speed limit be changed from 35 mph to 25 mph along Tilly Mill Rd., a key connector in the City. During Monday’s Council Meeting, Councilmember Sharon Spangler suggested Oakcliff Rd. and Councilman M.D. Naser suggested Chestnut Dr. be added to the list of streets also needing the speed reduced to 25 mph.

“The speed limit changes shall coincide with the installation of the proposed traffic calming tables and modified hawk system (similar to the system installed at the Dunwoody/Doraville boundary on Tilly Mill Rd),” Councilman Patrick suggested.

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